Now Out: Media, Surveillance and Affect

Media, Surveillance and Affect Narrating Feeling-States, 1st Edition By Nicole Falkenhayner Routledge Surveillance has become a part of everyday life: we are surrounded by surveillance technologies in news media, when we go down the street, in the movies, and even carry them in our own pockets in the form of smartphones. How are we constructing […]

Master Student Workshop “Experiencing Surveillance in Fiction and Theory”

Surveillance, a fully pervasive feature of today’s lifeworlds, challenges borders of self and other, of institution, freedom and development. Surveillance technology has long since experienced a function creep from its intended, managerial uses into uses as devices that structure narratives and express emotions, as in the well-worn split screen of films that employ surveillance camera […]

Heroism as a phenomenon in global popular culture – international conference in Freiburg, 28-30 September 2017

Organized by Michael Butter (Tübingen), Nicole Falkenhayner, Wolfgang Hochbruck, Barbara Korte (Freiburg) and Simon Wendt (Frankfurt) In an age of globalization and transnationalism, heroes transcend their cultural spheres of origin and are re-rooted, adapted and translated in new local contexts across the world. We understand (male and female) heroes as a phenomenon of exceptionality that […]