Program of the Conference “Heroism as a Phenomenon in Global Popular Culture”, 28-30 September 2017, Freiburg

  Conference Program Heroism as a Global Phenomenon in Popular Culture Organised by Barbara Korte, Simon Wendt, Michael Butter, Wolfgang Hochbruck and Nicole Falkenhayner for the SFB 948 “Heroes, Heroisms and Heroisations”, University of Freiburg, Germany   Thursday, September 28, 2017   From 14.00          Coffee, Registration at FRIAS Freiburg   15.00     Introduction       15.00     Barbara Korte […]

New Research on the Role of Media Representations

New research by scholars from Cambridge Universty shows the important role that sloppy and stereotyped reporting has in the growing of hostility towards Muslims in Britain, and the also show strategies to counter this development: Media fuelling rising hostility towards Muslims in Britain I am going to draw on this research for a presentation I […]