insights into my new project: cctv beyond surveillance – from iconic public images to story structuring device

CCTV beyond surveillance brainstorm

-the title is a link to a public prezi –

My new major research project, for which I am working in the graduate school “factual and fictional narration” in Freiburg, is interested in the cultural work that CCTV does as a public form, with a focus on its ability to evoke or structure narrativity and narrations. While indebted to seminal work in this field by Thomas Y. Levin, Winfried Pauleit and Dietmar Kammerer, my approach goes further into investigating in stronger detail the interplay between a specific medial set-up and the cultural expression forms that evolve co-constitutively with it. Leaning partly on Katherine N. Hayles approach of comparative media studies, I am interested in constructing a project that combines hypertextual research methods and analysis with close reading strategies informed by post-classical narratology.
But: I am writing and working on it, but still searching for the red thread that runs through it and gives the project a narrative of itself. So, I am most in debt to anyone who would watch the prezi online and maybe give me some feedback?
all best,

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